Styling from the Inside Out SM

Some recent thank-yous...



I can honestly say that working with Eva has turned my world upside down. She is an artist. Every day I receive compliments on how I am looking and being. Those compliments fuel my self esteem.  If you are in transition in life, have a big plan, or are ready to make a change, having Eva as your coach is a bonus. You will see results and they will knock your socks off. I didn't even realize I needed Eva - but I am so grateful for the direction and coaching she has given.


Thank you my friend!

Tania Makiri Cooper








Eva has been my stylist for a few years now, and she never disappoints.  Whether it is a grand occasion, like going to the Oscars, or simply helping me define my style and sense of personal wardrobe, she is by my side with solid advice, love and understanding.  Eva makes fashion fun, relatable and I always learn a thing or two.  She knows how to stay within budget and how to make her clients happy.


I recommend her services whole heartedly,

Mary Seward

Thank you, Eva, so much.  You were kind, practical, efficient, honest, supportive and fun.  I feel like I have a closet full of new clothes!  It was rewarding to find fresh outfit combinations and I appreciated your honest assessments as they gave me confidence to try new pairings.  I feel like I took a mini-class on how to dress myself!


With much gratitude,







Eva, thanks for your wonderful coaching and support as I prepared for my TEDx talk. Your expertise with what looks best on camera was invaluable. Thanks to you, I was able to put my best foot forward and felt confident in my wardrobe. I received many compliments and I credit your expertise.


Warm regards,

Ellen A. Ensher, Ph.D



And thank you Eva! Wow what an eye opener for me and I am glad to try things that were off my radar until now. You are a dream come true for me and I am ever so grateful for your keen eye and fashion vision. I've just tried on the patio dress again and love it. Whew! What a glorious day!


All the best to you and see you soon,


The outfits worked out splendidly, so well, in fact, that I changed out of my lululemon after my workout and I'm in real clothes now! :). The Helmut Lang jacket and BCBG blouse were amazing!!!  And the jeans, both pairs, were soooo comfortable!


Thanks for everything!!!!

Sheryl Guerrero











Eva, thank you for helping me prepare to be one of the speakers at the Zimmer Children's Museum annual gala.  Your vision and expertise gave me the finishing-sparkle I needed.  I was comfortable in my outfit and felt confident from the inside out.



I loved your words of advice.  And I LOVE the Adrianna dress. That is really the one for me because we already know the color and shape are perfect.


You're incredible!