Styling from the Inside Out SM

Eva Sippel has been working as a professional wardrobe stylist in Hollywood for over a decade, working mostly on commercials.  Her friends and family would often come to her for fashion advice and she found that she really enjoyed helping people realize their true wardrobe potential.  She also discovered that for someone to truly look and feel good, it was essential to get to know the person. As Eva says, "Clothes serve the people, not the other way around. Style, personality, way of life -- it all comes together in a perfect combination to create wearable wardrobe for every occasion.”


She has found that her “Inside Out” styling approach to be highly successful with her clients.  From TEDx conference speakers to stay-at-home moms, she has helped numerous clients find their potential with amazing results.


Her slogan is “Styling from the Inside Out”


Eva was born and raised in Germany with a strong desire to follow her passions.  She made her way to Los Angeles and diligently worked her way up from Production Assistant to News Editor at KFWB News in Hollywood.  She attended college in Munich, Paris and Los Angeles and has a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership.  She is a published author and the proud mother of two wonderful children.